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Heather has helped me through a very difficult period when I was extremely troubled with panic attacks and anxiety. She has expertly guided me through a series of sessions using CBT and EMDR recognising exactly what I needed and getting to the root of the issues. Not only has she addressed the current hots pots but also went through a thorough process getting me to better understand the history and physiology as well as giving me the tools to cope and ultimately recover. Over the course of the sessions, I had several light bulb moments which led to life changing improvements. Heather is a very experienced and extremely competent therapist. I am very grateful for Heather’s professional support and would trust and recommend her to anyone including my closest family and friends. She has been fantastic!


This year I found myself in the position of needing some help as I was going through an emotionally difficult time in my life. I have private healthcare and selected Heather from a list given to me as I liked the bio about her and the experience that she had. From the start I felt very comfortable with Heather, she made me feel at ease and was very patient and took the time to get to know me and understand the issues I had. After a few sessions she explained the therapy that she thought would be good for me and asked if I would be agreeable to this. The therapy I had was EMDR and I found it very helpful. Throughout all of the sessions Heather always checked that I was comfortable and understood what was happening.    
I have definitely benefited from my therapy experience, and have been able to move forward in a very positive way. It has helped because of a number of things – I felt safe with Heather, getting to understand why I am the way I am, the EMDR therapy and also some simple small actions that I use on a regular basis. I have been able to share my knowledge and experience with family, friends and colleagues. If you find yourself in need of help I would definitely recommend Heather. I actually think that everybody would benefit from some counselling in their lives!


As a man it can sometimes be difficult to address when you’re having mental health challenges; however, after a number of years suffering in silence I decided to seek help and found Heather – and I’m so glad I did.  Initially we went through the myriad of thought patterns I’d created and Heather was able to provide me with a safe place to discuss these and a structured toolkit to use to help me change the way I dealt with the issues, which has significantly improved my mental health.  I’m so glad I finally got the support I needed; it’s made a big difference in my life


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